Strengthening resilience and reducing vulnerabilities of rural communities of Africa and Asia

Funding partner: Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (NOREC)

Program Implementation area: The program is implemented Maijogmai RM.

Project Background

NCDC is implementing “Strengthening resilience and reducing vulnerabilities of rural communities of Africa and Asia” program in the fund support of the NOREC in the home country in the absence of physical exchange in the year 2021.  NCDC is implementing different activities based on the need of individual country being in the periphery of the three thematic areas that is Renewable Energy, Climate Smart Agriculture and Community based Tourism. The project facilitates in bringing together knowledge, experience and skills from countries in Asia and Africa in strengthening the resilience of rural communities to cope with the impacts of climate change through livelihoods diversification.
Major Activities
1        Community level awareness program on:  COVID-19 and climate
2        Community level climate adaptation plan formulation and Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) model activities implementation
3        Farmers group formulation and strengthening
4        Community based tourism plan formulation
5        Business Opportunity Assessment (BOA) and business plan formulation
6        Support on the establishment of model homestay
7        Business plan development and RET based enterprises established
8        Digital platform set up
9        Monitoring and evaluation format development and implementation
Expected outcomes
  • Adaptive capacity to climate change increased in community level
  • Knowledge and skills on community-based tourism projects increased
  • Knowledge and skills on RETs based enterprise business/marketing capacity raised
  • Monitoring and Evaluation and Digital platform established

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