Sustainable Community Development Project-2021

Program Implementation area: The program is implemented in ward 2 and 6 of Maijogmai RM. The forest restoration area lies in the attitude range of 1000m to 2800m.

Nepal Community Development Foundation (NCDF), Canada is a long-term partner organization of NCDC, Ilam in which NCDF have been providing fund for different sustainable community development activities since 1990. NCDC with the support of NCDF has undertaken several initiatives in the promotion of health and sanitation in the Ilam municipality and surrounding VDCs. Through these efforts, NCDC aims to align the needs of the local communities with the government priorities, at both local and national levels.

Within the Nepalese context, the Government of Nepal (GoN) well recognizes that water and sanitation is one of the fundamental rights to human development. Furthermore, Nepal has a global commitment to achieve the target of SDG6 , which include By 2030, achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all. Many reports have shown that unsafe water is a major cause of the people’s death and disease in Nepal. In this context, specifically, the initiatives by NCDC will focus on supporting the local communities to access safe drinking water by water quality testing and spring source protection work.Likewise, water and sanitation facilities in schools is fundamental for promoting good hygiene behavior and children’s well-being. Lack of adequate sanitation facilities has a negative impact on education, health, dignity, security and economic growth. Burden of not having sustainable and effective sanitation system falls most heavily on girls. Because of inadequate sanitation facility in the school for girl’s students, dropout rate among adolescent is high, so girls are denied from education. Many girls remain absent in their menstruation period just because lack of the menstrual hygiene management facilities. Despite this situation, this sector is being neglected. So, it is important to conduct sanitation and hygiene promotion program at the school and community level and it is essential to provide good sanitation facilities at school.

Major SCDP Activities 2021

1. One Farmer One Nursery (OFON) Program

2. Dignified Menstruation Program

3. Safe Drinking Water Promotion Program

Expected Outcomes

·         Improved water quality testing mechanism

·         Improved knowledge of rural community on importance of safe drinking water

·         Decreased dependency of local farmers for seeds and plants

·         Local farmers trained, provided with resources and income increased.

·         Enhanced knowledge of community members on dignified menstruation.

·         Establishment of menstrual hygiene friendly sanitation facilities in local schools.

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