Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

RSC facilitates the users/developers in all the stages of Micro/Pico hydro development. Also, RSC would facilitate the establishment of end-uses development from the Micro Hydro Project. RSC/NCDC has facilitated to complete about 600 number of MH/PH projects until 2017 from which 2000 kW is generated and providing electricity to about 16076 numbers of rural households of eastern Nepal. Also, there are about 40 of MH projects in under construction stage till the end of February 2017 from which 1000 kW would be generated and would provide electricity to about 8000 numbers of rural households.

RSC has been facilitating for the promotion and dissemination of biomass energy technologies in Ilam, Panchthar and Taplejung districts from 2003, Bhojpur, Sankhuwashava, Terhathum and Dhankutta districts from October 2009, and Jhapa and Sunsari districts from July 2010. RSC is implementing this program through the Local Partner Organization (LPO) of the respective districts in the hilly area and District Renewable Energy Service Center (DRESC) in the Terai region. RSC/NCDC has already facilitated to install 246303 numbers of ICS till  June 2017 within 205 VDCs of nine working district through 18 number of the partner organization.

RSC had also facilitated the preparation of Decentralized Energy Management Initiative (DEMI) plan of different VDCs of the eastern region. It would make ease for the implementation of different types of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) in that VDC as per the demand and availability of technologies. RSC/NCDC had completed the DEMI plan of six VDCs (Soyang and Puwamjhuwa VDCs of Ilam district, Sanghu, Dhungesanghu and Khebang VDCs of Taplejung district and Prangbung VDC of Panchthar district).

Also, RSC has been facilitating to implement solar water pumping systems to provide drinking water in the rural community from March 11, 2011. This program is mainly focused on the implementation of drinking water through solar water lifting systems. Till date, there are 15 drinking water system has been completed benefiting more than 300 households and few number of drinking water system through solar lifting, are under construction.

In addition to this, there have been implemented more than 60 Improved Water Mill (IWM) in the rural community.