Small scale renewable (micro-hydro) electricity project in Nepal’s Taplejung district

Funding Partner:    Siemenpuu – Foundation for Social movements’ Cooperation sr                                               (Siemenpuu Foundation sr)

Project Background

Nepal is one of the richest countries in water resource for Hydropower Project  but more than 25% of people of rural area do not have access to electricity and are using kerosene for lighting purpose. Many rural communities of Nepal are not getting electricity mainly due to less power production from Hydropower Project in Nepal, are far from the national grid Micro Hydro Project/Pico Hydro Project. Due to weak financial condition, these community are not able to develop small scale Micro Hydro/Pico Hydro project. Most of the communities are living in darkness, despite the presence of enough water at local level.  Taplejung, is one of the districts of eastern Nepal, which is remotely located in the Himalayas. Many villages of the districts are deprived of electricity.

An installation of a Micro Hydro Project is necessary in the community in order to electrify such households, reduce the use of kerosene and increase the income generation activity of the community through productive end use development from the energy of that installed Micro Hydro Project. This project is implemented in one of the electricity deprived village that is Mekuwakhola Rural Municipality of Taplejung, where community is unable to afford all the required installation cost of Micro Hydro Project.

Major Activities

  1. Installation of Microhydro with generation capacity of 12KW
  2. Productive End use Establishment from Electricity

Major outcomes

  • Integration of Micro Hydro project in planning process of rural community and local government of Nepal.
  • Rural community aware on the use of electricity, operation, maintenance, tariff collection and productive end uses.
  • One Micro Hydro project established and community electrified
  • Income generation through productive end use.

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