Basic Community Development Training to Field Staffs

Basic Community Development Training to Field Staffs

An eleven days long basic community development training has been conducted by NCDC to its field staffs working in Dang and Dolakha. Organized with the objective to equip community facilitators of ICDP, being implemented in two rular municipalities of Dolakha (Kalinchowk and Bigu) and one rural municipality of Dang (Rapti), with necessary skills required to facilitate community and to bring uniformity in facilitation and reporting process, the training was facilitated by Ammar Bahadur Air and Pushpanjali Malla Shah of Sahakarmi Samaj (SS) which itself is a successful NGO working in community governance and community facility building since 1997 in Mid and Far Western Development Region of Nepal.

Participated by 14 staffs (10 field level and 4 officers) working in Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP), the residential training organized in Kalinchowk, Dolakha lasted from 13 to 23 July, 2017. The other two participants in the training were from Nikomaye Community Development Center, a Kalinchowk based local NGO supported by ICDP for their institutional development and to work as local partner in coming days.

The first few days of training were focused on the self analysis with the message: transformation begins from the self. Whereas later sessions focused on the necessity  of active listening for development, process of community facilitation and work plan formulation along with the code of conduct for community facilitators.

The model of training was participatory in itself. Participants were indirectly taught to work in groups, develop skills of facilitation and  leadership through group division, responsibility division and being appointed as a systematizer. Participants were engaged in the training by taking their input through activities and games. Instead of using traditional method of teaching, trainer acted as a facilitator and tried to find answers from participants themselves. The model  of this training along with its content were designed to develop facilitation skills. This training equiped  community mobilizers with necessary skills  required to work in community, identify  problems and devise plans to tackle those problem. The core of this training was to increase participation of community in each and every phase of development process.

In sum, the training advocated the necessity of participation based development.

– text by Smriti Devkota