Resource Centre


NCDC has established a Resource Center in Ilam Municipality – 7 in 2 hectares of land. The resource center has been established to enhance the access of the community people on various services from the resource center for their development activities. NCDC Resource Center Management Committee (RCMC) chaired by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) performs the managerial works under the monitoring and supervision of the executive committee of the organization.


  • Provide better services, expertise, consultancy, technology, and trainings in sustainable development sectors for the wide range of customers including I/N/GOs, CBOs, local government, community, and private sectors
  • Provide expertise and capacity building trainings on sustainable agriculture, forest management, climate change, alternative rural energy efficient/alternative technologies, health & sanitation
  • Provide information to wide audiences on socio-economic and environment at regional level
  • Organization sustainability through operation of resource center

Demonstration in the Resource Center:

Different types of Improved Cooking Stoves, Water Treatment Plant, Pico Hydro, Solar Water Pump, Biogas, Sustainable Agriculture: Vegetable Gardening and Research Plot, Forest Nursery, Soil Conservation/Bio engineering, Weather Monitoring Station, Water Quality Testing Lab, Community Library, Water Mill, Beehive Briquette, Bee Keeping, Floriculture, Low Cost Water Reservoir, Spring Source Protection, etc.

Services from Resource Center:

Following services are available from the NCDC Resource Center:

  • Training on sustainable agriculture, Natural resource management, climate change, clean energy technologies, Rural alternative energy technologies, health & sanitation
  • Research on various issues related to sustainable agriculture, climate change, biodiversity conservation, community development, gender
  • Conduct capacity building trainings on participatory community based planning
  • Provide expertise on planning and research on various issues

Available Human Resources in the Resource Center

Besides, the experts in different sectors with sound academic background, and proven experiences have been providing their services to the resource center for its smooth functioning. The experience to date has shown that the resource center certainly enhance the access of resources to the community people for their development activities.

S.N Sectors Male Female Total
1 Health & Sanitation 4 1 5
2 Alternative and Renewable Energy Technologies 22 7 29
3 Sustainable Agriculture 4 1 5
4 Environment, Forest and Climate Change 2 1 3
5 Governance and Planning 6 3 9
Total 38 13 52


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