Urja Khabar

3) NCDC Urja Khabar Ashad 2071 2) NCDC Urja Khabar Falgun 2070 1) NCDC Urja Khabar Mansir, 2070  

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Organization Documents

Silver Jubilee Book of NCDC (25 Paila) 25 Steps (25 Paila)_NCDC NCDC Organizational Brochure_2014 NCDC_Organizational Brochure_2014 NCDC Gender Mainstreaming St

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Project Output/Published Documents

Project Reports Laying Strong Foundation: Sustainable Development Planning Project_Report of 2015 and 16 Laying Strong Foundation_SDPP_Report 2015_16 Annual Rep

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Newsletters (eNewsletter and Newsletter)

2014 3) eNewsletter_NCDC_July 2) eNewsletter_NCDC_June 1) eNewsletter_NCDC_May

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NCDC Ilam is a not for profit, political, social & non-governmental organization.

Our vision is to direct the local community to take initiatives to improve the quality of life through equitable and sustainable development
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