Relief and Rehabilitation: Nepal Earthquake 2015

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25 April Earthquake affected areas
Source:  USAID

Hit by earthquake of 7.8 Richter Scale, 25 April 2015  followed by several other shocks, till now, more than 8 thousand people have lost their lives; more than 100 thousand have been reported to be injured, more than 500 thousand homes have been damaged. Apart from that, around 8 million in 39 districts have been directly affected. In particular, 2 million people in 11 districts of central development region and western development region have been severely affected.  It has been reported that people need immediate food, housing, health assistance. Sindhupalchowk, Dhading, Dolakaha, Gorkha, Rasuwa,Ramechhap, Nuwakot, Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur are most affected by the earthquake.

Aftershocks more than 4.o magnitude were felt daily/2-3 times a day and it has made the partially damaged houses/structures more vulnerable to destruction and may cause serious damage. Earthquake has crippled normal life and people are living in fear.

As the life was getting normal after 25 April earthquake, the 6.8 magnitude earthquake again struck Kathmandu and nearby districts. The epicenter of this earthquake was Sunkhani VDC in Dolakaha. This earthquake has led to casualties of more than 65 and more than 1600 people are injured.

This quake mainly damaged Dolkha district .Since the road has been damaged and vehicle has been stopped, 17 VDCs of Dolakha are out of transport connection. Many houses has been destroyed by quake in Charikot.
Several house of Charikot Bazar of Dolakha district and the remaining houses in the rural areas has been destroyed. The roads from Khadichaur- Charikot, Charikot -Singati, Dolalghat-Khadichaur-Barabise and Dolalghat-Khadichaur-Charikot has been obstructed.

 Updates of Relief conducted by NCDC

Lapilang VDC, Dolakha

CG Sheet Distribution, Babare, Dolakha for residents of Lapilang VDC

CG Sheet Distribution, Babare, Dolakha for residents of Lapilang VDC

Distribution of Corrugated Galvanized (CG) Tin Sheet

702 HHs /1404 bundles @ 2 bundles per household

Khopachangu and  Chilankha VDCs, Dolakha

NCDC’s relief campaign with the support of  The Development Fund, Norway reached the remote VDCs of Dolakha District. The second phase of relief campaign supported 1211 families of Chilankha and 745 families of Khopachangu VDCs. The relief material included a bag of rice (20 kg), a packet of iodized salt , beaten rice (2 kg), cooking oil (2 liters) , Sarwottam Pitho ( 1 pkt.) and a soap for each family.

Attarpur and Sangachowk VDC, Sindhupalchowk

The second phase of relief activities was conducted on Attarpur and Sangachowk VDC of Sindhupalchowk. NCDC distributed food items (rice, lentils, beaten rice, baby nutrition, cooking oil) and  soaps to 60 households of Attarpur VDC-9, Sindhupalchok. Similarly, educational materials (Book, Pencil, Copy , Pen ) were also distributed to 257 students of Shree Bhimsen Secondary School, Sanga VDC-1.

attarpur 2-K800

Distributing Food Items to EQ Victims of Attarpur VDC


Educational Support to children of Shree Bhimsen Secondary School, Sanga VDC

Relief in Dolakha District after 2nd  Earthquake of  12 May 

NCDC provided 1750 tarpaulins for Dolakha District (Khopachangu and Chilankha VDC) and 250 tarpaulins for Sindhupalchok district (Attarpur VDC). The tarpaulins in Dolakha were handed to VDC Secretary in presence of Chief District Officer, Police- Army Personnels and officials from TUKI. As 12th May earthquake has damaged all the roads from Charikot, it has not been possible to reach Khopachangu or even Singati (Junction for Northern VDCs of Dolakha district). All the relief materials were to be airlifted.

 DSC_0717Distributing Tarpaulins to EQ victims of Attarpur VDC, Sindhupalchok  Handing Tarpaulins to District_VDC Officials in Dolakha (5)Handing Tarpaulins to District/VDC Officials in Dolakha


Distributing Baby Food and Soap

 Pida VDC- Dhading




Tarpaulins 250 pcs Ward 7:100 Ward 9:150
Baby food 100  packet Ward 7, 9
Soap 145 pcs Ward 7,9
Biscuits 150 pcs Ward 7,9
Warm cloths 52 pcs Ward 7,9

Mahadevsthan VDC- Dhading


Handover of Tarpaulins to affected




Tarpaulins 250 pcs Ward 1:75 Ward 4:50 Ward 7:50 Ward 5: 75
Baby food 100  packet Ward 7, 9
Soap 145 pcs Ward 7,9
Beaten rice 75 packet Ward 7,9
Warm cloths 52 pcs Ward 7,9
Laduk VDC- Dolakha
Tarpaulins- 450
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