What Volunteer Say

Taylor Pearce

University of Colorado, USA

Taylor Pearce

I worked with NCDC this past summer as part of the CU EWB team to build a reed bed system to treat the wastewater from Ilam District Hospital. I spent three months living in Ilam working on the reed bed system alongside NCDC and I would say that it has been an awesome experience. As a student apart of EWB, we spend all of our time back home either doing engineering design work or raising funds for our project.

I really enjoyed that once we were on our way to Nepal that NCDC was able to help us out by setting up our flights to Bhadrapur, picking us up at the airport and placing us in home stays. It was a few less things to worry about and I was really happy to be able to stay with a Nepali family. I got to have traditional Dal Bhat everyday as well as a better understanding of Nepali culture. The Reed Bed project was the first actual engineering project I have worked on as a student. The project I would say moved much slower than I expected. We had quite a few set backs such as the lack of workers in the beginning, weather problems and the delay in materials, but overall I believe that this summer’s trip was a success. We were able to 98% complete the first half of this system by the time we left Ilam.

I know with all the knowledge and experience gained this past summer by both NCDC and EWB we will have no trouble completing the second half of the system in December. Gynendra our engineer for this project helped us tremendously. He is a very intelligent competent engineer as he was able to provide the technical expertise we needed to correctly build the reed beds. Pravesh our project manager was also of great help to us. He did a great job being our representative whenever we needed to deal with the Municipality, Madev, the Hospital or other organizations. He was also able to help us get the proper funding support from SEAM-N and other groups. This kind of support is great as it will let us continue with the construction of the second half of the reed bed system in December. I thoroughly enjoyed working with NCDC and I know we wouldn’t be able to do our projects in Nepal without them. They have the support from the community and the facilities we need to be able to do our work.

All of the employees at NCDC are very intelligent good people looking to better their community. I was glad to apart of NCDC and glad to hear that my application to become an Honorary Member of NCDC has been approved. I want to thank everyone at NCDC for helping us with our project this past summer. I miss Ilam and I know I will return again to work on future NCDC/EWB projects.

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