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My Experience During My Exchange Programme in Nepal

Rodgers Ayega, Kenya

My Experience During My Exchange Programme in Nepal


My Exchange programme in Nepal was the best thing that happened in the just concluded year of 2015. This could not have been possible without my host organization Namsaling Community Development Center (NCDC). Regards also goes to FK Norway for the support throught the year and my home organization Young Volunteers for the Environment Kenya (YVE Kenya).

NCDC as an organization throught the year gave me a different approach on how to work as a profession both independently and as a team player with positive results at the end of each and every activity or work that I engaged in while working. The moral values, respect, ethics and passion in each and every employee in the organization was amazing and it also forced me to emulate the same so as to achieve positive results.

The diversity in the organization was also something that catched my eye. The way the organizatioin is widely spread out in the country and the sacrifices that many employees make without complain in order to provide service to their fellow country men and women just in the name of improving their lives through the many projects coordinated by the organization.

To this, I can attest because I remember many instances, when we went out to the field for a project or an activity and getting to the site, it could take many hours and even more than a day to access the project site. And with these I got to learn very important vices of patience, perseverance, being passionate, and having the will to do something without overlooking on the hurdles and challenges that are and will always be there during work. And with these I got to reach to some places that many wish to reach but they never. A special thanks to NCDC.

Nepalese culture is something else that I got to learn while at NCDC. The way people conduct themselves and the respect that exists between each and every person across all the age groups from the children to the elderly, men and women, the youth and adults. Despite being a foreigner with different background and culture the organization made it easy and comfortable for me. They even got me an assistant to assist me in understanding the culture and always give me direction when I got stuck.

Not to forget, I also got to learn about different ideas, technologies, and models in the process of helping and sharing my knowledge during this whole FK period in Nepal. This ranges from learning on different models of improved cooking stoves, learning how to build different types of houses that are resistant to most natural disasters, such as earthquakes, to understanding why the human race is the same no matter the geographical locations and setups.

Lastly, to both young professionals and experts who are thinking of visiting, looking for a volunteering organization, or those seeking reliable collaborations and partnerships, Namsaling Community Development Center (NCDC), Nepal is the place and organization to work with. I promise you would not be disappointed.


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