What Volunteer Say

Jessica Dehart

University of Colorado, USA

Jessica Dehart

The opportunity to work with NCDC this summer in partnership with Engineers Without Borders-CU was a wonderful experience for me. I found the working relationship between EWB and NCDC to be effective and successful.

All of the staff of NCDC are well trained and very helpful: as a volunteer working on sustainability education in support of the reed bed project I was very happy to be able to visit so many schools through the help of NCDC staff member Bhupal.

Everyone at NCDC is so willing to help in any way they can, from answering questions to brainstorming new ideas and providing technical or material support. With the support of NCDC, I think that our work on the project was very successful.

I also enjoyed spending time at the NCDC office seeing other areas that NCDC is involved in. I was very impressed with all the different sorts of projects the organization participates in throughout Nepal. I also appreciate the work NCDC does to establish home placements for volunteers because one of the most rewarding aspects of my visit to Ilam was living with my host family.

I like that the staff of NCDC not only worked with the EWB team on the project, but submerged us in the daily life of Ilam. I learned so much about a new place, a new culture and a new language! One suggestion would be to help volunteers set up formal language lessons, I think that having regular lessons would have really helped me with my Nepali. I also think that NCDC could take advantage of both its good reputation in the community and its resources, such as the Enviroscape model and water testing equipment, to run more education programs for students in Ilam and surrounding communities.

Through schools it is possible to teach about many of the social and environmental issues that NCDC’s projects address, and I think educating and exposing students to these issues is important to promote sustainable future change in the whole community.

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