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Flavio Saraiva – FK Participant from FEDESMO

Flavio Saraiva – FK Participant from FEDESMO

Coming to NCDC, Nepal from Mozambique, Africa in the exchange program (Sustainable Energy Service for Households) funded by FK (Fredskorpset) in Sustainable Energy Services for Households Program looked like a challenge at first. However, I am happy that it has ended successfully and I have good memories to cherish throughout my life.

During my time (2013/14) in NCDC, I learned about alternative and renewable energies. In particular, getting to know about Biomass and ICS used in Nepal was a great opportunity. Likewise, presenting ICS models from Mozambique among local peoples as well as stove masters helped me understand the limitations and benefits of our kind of ICS. Our models of ICS need to be improved and modified to save more firewood. Likewise, getting to know about briquette technology, I consider, is as valuable addition.

Last, but not the least, learning Nepali culture and their way of life has been memories to simile about.

Flavio Saraiva

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