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Douglas Bloomqist

University of Colorado, USA

Douglas Bloomqist

During this summer, I and the rest of the EWB CU Nepal team worked with NCDC to build a reed bed system to treat the wastewater generated by the Ilam District Hospital and public toilet at the bazaar. Overall, I really enjoyed working with NCDC.

Together, I think we will be able to make the reed bed project successful and I hope it will serve as a model for responsible wastewater management for the rest of the community. There are, however, a few complaints I have about the project that I would like to mention now. In summary, the biggest complaints I have from the summer is that construction work was started too late and that project planning before our EWB team arrived did not address important things like acquisition and storage of materials.

Again, I think the best way to avoid making these problems in the future is to increase the amount of communication between EWB and NCDC. If we are talking to each other a lot and discussing the progress of the project and what sorts of things need to be done by a certain date, I think a lot of these problems will not be repeated. Also, now that we both have a lot of reed bed construction experience, it will be a lot harder to make the same mistakes again.

I want to mention all the positive things about working with NCDC. The first thing I want to say is how much I enjoyed working with NCDC staff members on this project. All of the staff members I worked with were very competent and did a great job of organizing and running their parts of the project. Working with them and seeing how hard they work and how committed they are to doing a good job have made me very confident that the project will be a success.

NCDC also seems to know and be friendly with just about every person and organization in Ilam, something that made it a lot easier to get funding and support for the project. If we needed to talk to someone at the hospital, municipality, DUDBC or some other organization, all we had to do was ask Pravesh or another staff member and they always seemed to have the person’s phone number or knew where to find them.

In short, the benefits of working with NCDC far outweigh the problems I mentioned earlier. There would be no way our group could work on projects in Ilam without help from NCDC. My experience working with NCDC this summer has been a great one that I would repeat in an instant. I am really looking forward to continuing to work with NCDC on the reed bed project and hopefully on other interesting and exciting projects in the future.

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