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Caroline Williams, USA

Caroline Williams, USA

It has been a pleasure to spend the past 1.5 weeks with the NCDC staff! During our time here, we got a taste of both field work in the VDC of Namsaling as well as office work in Ilam.

In the village, I was able to see the great amount of respect NCDC has within the community and I could also see the NCDC staff member’s passion for their work within the village. I was also welcomed with open-arms in one family’s home and felt as if the mother and father of the home was my own second set of parents.

During our time in the Ilam office, I was able to learn about NCDC’s alternative energy sector as well as their governance sector. It was especially nice to see the various types of appropriate technology that they work on directly at their Ilam office. For me, I really enjoyed learning about NCDC’s governance sector and their methods for assisting VDCs develop their own Sustainable Development Plan. They have a unique approach to this process where various stakeholders and many community members are involved in the planning process while NCDC merely plays the role of a facilitator for the process in order to make this a sustainable approach.

Most importantly, the office feels quite homey and you can tell that the workers here are like one big family. Overall, I feel honored to have been invited to spend time with NCDC and I now feel like I’m a part of the NCDC family.

Caroline Williams, USA

October 2014

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