Solar Energy Sub Component

Solar Energy Sub Component

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The sun is infinite source of energy. Solar radiation can be converted into useful energy such as – solar collectors can provide hot water or air heating, solar photovoltaic cells can generate electricity. Nepal is blessed with solar resource as it lies at 30 degree Northern Latitude which is an ideal condition. There are over 300 days of sunshine annually.

Rural areas of Nepal are not connected with the national grid of electricity. For the lighting purpose, people are using traditional means in daily use, which are not safe for environment and health. For those households, solar home system would be alternative technology. Still there are no facilities of safe drinking water supply systems in the rural areas. Solar photo voltaic water pumping system would be an alternative to those areas and communities.

Solar Energy sub-component is one of the nine sub-components of National Rural and Renewable Energy Promotion (NRREP) project that NCDC has been implementing as the Regional Service Center (RSC) of Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC). The program is mainly focused in those areas where electricity has not been connected through any other means. In other words, areas which are not connected to national grid (transmission line), neither there is an immediate possibility of such connection in immediate future, are the main and only targets.

The solar energy sub-component promotes solar energy technologies in the seven mid-hills districts of eastern development region. In particular, NCDC is facilitating the communities with information dissemination about the solar home system, solar cooker and dryer for the drying of agricultural products. Likewise, based on demand, the solar sub-component is implementing rural solar drinking water project which lifts water from source below human settlement to the communities with the help of solar energy which is then distributed to the villages through tap stands.

As an RSC, NCDC’s main role is to provide technical facilitation and subsidy (from AEPC) to the targeted peoples and communities for different renewable energy related projects implemented by communities.


  • Improve living standard of rural people, reduce dependency on traditional energy and attain sustainable development through alternative energy solution.

Target Population

Rural communities where electrification has not been done through any other means

Coverage Area

Taplejung, Panchthar, Ilam, Dhankuta, Terhthum, Bhojpur and Sankhuwasava Districts


NCDC is targeting to install 50 RSDWPs (Rural Solar Drinking Water Projects), 150 solar dryers and 500 solar cookers within this five years program period. 


Till 2016, 20 solar water pumping system has been installed in rural villages of Nepal with no access to electricty.


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