Makoto Maki Girl Scholarship

Makoto Maki Girl Scholarship

Project Facts

Start Date
06 Nov, 1997
End Date
25 Nov, 2014
Supported By
Mr. Makoto Maki (Japanese Social Worker)

NCDC started its girl’s scholarship in 1996 with the support provided by a Canadian citizen who came in Namsaling VDC as a volunteer from Ontario Catholic Teachers’ Association. After completing his volunteer term, he decided to donate/invest his surplus money to increase girl’s access to education. Hence, NCDC was chosen, and 33 female students of Namsaling VDC received the scholarship for the first time.

In 1997, after hearing about the girl’s scholarship program run by NCDC from Mrs. Bhagawati Nepal, also a life member of the organization, and realizing the necessity and importance of educating girls, Mr. Makoto Maki, a Japanese citizen, made up his mind to provide financial assistance so as to increase the access to education of the girls, particular from deprived and marginalized community. This genuine interest of Mr. Maki opened new doors of opportunities for needy girls of Namsaling VDC. Thus, NCDC continued the program from Mr. Maki’s support and proposed to establish Girls Scholarship Trust Fund.

Then, for the sustainability and proper management of the program, Mrs. Bhagawati Nepal, a member of NCDC National Advisory Board, prepared a scheme of the trust fund with an initial amount of NRs.  1,000,000.00 provided by Mr. Makoto Maki in year 1997. In the year 2003, the fund was increased to NRs. 3,338,000.00 with additional support of Mr. Makoto Maki, local social workers and stakeholders. The scheme also proposed to extend the program to other VDCs as well so as to replicate the positive effects and achievements experienced in Namsaling VDC.

This programme being highly inclusive in nature since it focuses primarily on providing scholarship to needy and deprived girls students. The generous donation of a Japanese social worker, Mr. Makoto-Maki in 1997 has been instrumental in providing education to hundreds of girl students each year since then. Till 2013, 2199 girls students have been benefited from the scholarship..

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