Environment Movement In The South River Rehabilitation, Ilam

Environment Movement In The South River Rehabilitation, Ilam

Project Facts

Start Date
01 Dec, 2008
End Date
31 Dec, 2010
Supported By
The Development Fund

Mai River which streams through settlement areas within Ilam Municipality serves as a water tank for the lower belts of Ilam district. Water from the river is basically used for consumption and agriculture. The adjoining forest along the Mai River and Mai River itself is an important habitat for different wildlife especially birds.

However, with the increasing urbanization, the pollution level in the river started increasing. The river was contaminated by solid waste from bazzar, hospital, slaughter house, and municipality drainage. So, there was negative impact on ecosystem of river as well as on the population using the water for the river.

So, with a purpose to reduce the water pollution and degradation of water quality of Mai River, NCDC implemented ‘Environmental Movement in the South River Rehabilitation, Ilam’ from December 2008 to December 2010 with financial support from Development Fund – Norway. The project designed inline with Ilam Water Safety Plan worked on improving drainage system, building waste water treatment, toilet management and waste management.

The project was implemented in close coordination and partnership with Ilam Municipality, District Livestock Service office, Department of Urban Development and Building Construction, District Soil Conservation Office and other district based environment related community based organizations and NGOs.

The major activities of the project included awareness programs, solid waste management, organic farming, gully control, plantation, reed bed water treatment plant construction, public toilet construction, management of slaughter house, river monitoring, bio-gas from solid waste, supporting eco-clubs and strengthening local organizations.

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