3P for 4G

3P for 4G

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WinRock International and Planet Finance


NCDC partnering with Winrock International and Planet Finance has been implementing a project Sustainable Production and Consumption of Commercially Viable Products from Municipal Waste through Public-Private Partnership in Green City, Green Agro Products, Green SMES and Green Employment Generation (PPP For 4Gs) in Ilam Municipality from January, 2014 – November, 2017 with the financial support from European Union under SWITCH ASIA program.

Consumption cycle of Compost

The four year project is pioneer an innovative public-private partnership between Ilam Municipality and private sector that is expected to fuel commercially-driven cycle of solid waste management.


The general objective of this project is to reduce the amount of waste transported to the landfill site and reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide generated through open dumping.

Specific Objectives

  • To establish integrated Solid Waste Management System in Ilam Municipality and enhance the landfill site as Resource Recovery Center which will initiate comprehensive collection, segregation, processing and marketing of solid waste at different stages of the waste management process.
  • To promote use of compost in tea and vegetable farming by mobilizing farmers’ cooperatives and tea producers by mobilizing local and financial institutions for access to credit.


The project is expected to benefit 20,000 residents of Ilam Municipality through 114 TLOs.

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