Glimpses of RRESC’s Outcomes

  • 11-03-31-01-03-47Chraging of Telephone from MHP
  • 11-03-31-02-03-21ICS Monitoring with Promoter & user in Pashupatinagar, Ilam
  • 11-03-31-01-03-33CombineICS in Mabu, Ilam
  • 11-03-31-01-03-53Community removing the boulder fom the alignment of headrace canal of Fakfok Khola III MHP (28 kW), Amchowk-1, Ilam
  • 11-03-31-02-03-24Lambu Khola MHP (26 kW), Terhtahum
  • 11-03-31-02-03-25Distribution work of Sobuwa Khola MHP (35 kW), Taplejung
  • 11-03-31-02-03-26Discuss about ICS With Usersin Jirmile,Ilam
  • 11-03-31-02-03-35Inaugauration of Fakfok Khola II MHP (20 kW), Ilam
  • 11-03-31-02-03-45Penstock and Power House of Lambu Khola MHP (26 kW), Terhathum
  • 11-03-31-02-03-41Fakfok Khola II MHP (20 kW), Ilam
  • 11-03-31-02-03-44ICS at Samalbung, Ilam
  • 11-03-31-02-03-50ICS in Namsaling, Ilam
  • 11-03-31-02-03-55Irrigated land the tailarace water of Nankhuwa Khola MHP (12 kW), Bhojpur

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