Suchi Darta Form

Listing Notice

Download: Suchi Darta Form

काभ्रे र लाेहारपानीमा खानेपानी तथा सिँचाईं आयोजनाका लागि कोटेशन आवहान

BoQ for Suppliers

RFP: Supply of Toilet Construction Materials (Non-Local)

Please download the advertisement published in Samacharpatra Daily in the following link: Request for Proposal

Invitation for Bids- Isuwa Khola MHP and Sisuwa Khola Chatekma MHP

Invitation for Bids_Isuwa Khola MHP

Invitation for Bids_Sisuwa Khola Chatekma MHP

Bid Call Notice for Mangmaya Khola II Micro Hydropower Project

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RFP_DFS_ Koya Khola Yakteli MHP

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RFP_DFS_ Sisuwa Khola III MHP

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RFP_DFS_Indrawati Khola MHP

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RFP_DFS_Khena Khola MHP

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