Board Members

The eleven member, 14th executive committee of the organization, elected in 2015, is the main governing body of the NCDC now. In the table below, all of the members have been listed with respect to their capacities.

Name Position Remarks
Yam Prasad Adhikari President Male
Lekhnath Dhungana Vice-President Male
Ramesh Chandra Subedi Member Secretary Male
Kamala Pradhan Treasurer Female (Janajati)
Nirmal Ghimire Joint Secretary Male
Ganesh Kumar Rai Member Male (Janajati)
Basudha Moktan Member Female (Janajati)
Mira Khawas Member Female (Janajati)
Laxmi Rai Member Female (Janajati)
Indra Ghimire Member Male
Amber Dewan Member Male (Janajati)
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