Tunnel farming in Kalinchowk – 2017

Tunnel farming in Kalinchowk – 2017

Planning and Review Workshop, ICDP, July 2017

Planning and Review Workshop, ICDP, July 2017

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Discussion and Interaction Program on Local Governance and Planned Development Held
  • August 27, 2017

The local government election being held in three phases is electing people’s representatives at local…

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अभियानको रुपमा विकास हुदै गएको छ, छोटो समयमा नै नमुना वनाउन सकिन्छ
  • October 3, 2016

१६ अशोज २०७३, दोलखा- विगत १ वर्ष अघिदेखि दोलखाको उत्तरी गाउँ कालिञ्चोकमा एकिकृत सामुदायिक विकास सम्वन्धि कार्यक्रम…

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A women working in a farm in Kalinchowk

Introduction With the financial and technical assistance of Development Fund – Norway, NCDC has been…


Introduction The sun is infinite source of energy. Solar radiation can be converted into useful…

Kinar Dairy

Being Regional Service Center (RSC) of Alternative Energy Promotion Center/National Rural and Renewable Energy Program…

Book Covers-1-K100

 Introduction With the financial support from the DF-Norway, NCDC has been supporting local government bodies…

Technical Officer from NCDC conducting combined TLO meeting in Rai Gaon and  Ramji Danda TLOs in Ilam Municipality

Introduction NCDC partnering with Winrock International and Planet Finance has been implementing a project Sustainable…

Scholarship Recipiant Jamuna 2012

NCDC started its girl’s scholarship in 1996 with the support provided by a Canadian citizen…


Mai River which streams through settlement areas within Ilam Municipality serves as a water tank…

10-08-05-01-08-47Training Particapents for Planning at Bhojpur

Considering the high demand from neighboring districts for assistance in Sustainable Development Plan (SDP) formulation…


Namsaling Community Development Center (NCDC) is working as a Regional Service Center (RSC) of Alternative…


NCDC implemented ICIMOD funded project entitled ‘Biodiversity Conservation in trans-boundary Landscape’ in the Kangchenjunga Complex…


What Volunteer Say

NAMASTE TO ALL YOU !!! My Exchange programme in Nepal was the best thing that happened in the just concluded year of 2015. This could not have been possible without my host organization Namsaling Community Development Center (NCDC). Regards also

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My Experience During My Exchange Programme in Nepal Rodgers Ayega, Kenya

It is interesting to see how can two different countries, located in different continents with totally different cultures and habits, can still share the same problems. In Africa, specifically in Mozambique, 16 million m² of forest is destroyed every year

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From Mozambique to Nepal: My Experience Joana Nhassengo, FEDESMO, Mozambique

Coming to NCDC, Nepal from Mozambique, Africa in the exchange program (Sustainable Energy Service for Households) funded by FK (Fredskorpset) in Sustainable Energy Services for Households Program looked like a challenge at first. However, I am happy that it has

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Flavio Saraiva – FK Participant from FEDESMO

It has been a pleasure to spend the past 1.5 weeks with the NCDC staff! During our time here, we got a taste of both field work in the VDC of Namsaling as well as office work in Ilam. In

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Caroline Williams, USA

During this summer, I and the rest of the EWB CU Nepal team worked with NCDC to build a reed bed system to treat the wastewater generated by the Ilam District Hospital and public toilet at the bazaar. Overall, I

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Douglas Bloomqist University of Colorado, USA

The opportunity to work with NCDC this summer in partnership with Engineers Without Borders-CU was a wonderful experience for me. I found the working relationship between EWB and NCDC to be effective and successful. All of the staff of NCDC

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Jessica Dehart University of Colorado, USA

I worked with NCDC this past summer as part of the CU EWB team to build a reed bed system to treat the wastewater from Ilam District Hospital. I spent three months living in Ilam working on the reed bed system

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Taylor Pearce University of Colorado, USA

In summer 2010, I have worked in NCDC as a volunteer. During my stay I basically involved for health and hygiene education for school children and community people in Ilam municipality. Initially I met with various groups in Ilam to

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Charlotte Vanvoast Colorado, USA

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